Rhian Sheehan returns with the new single, ‘Soma Dreams’, taken from the upcoming album A Quiet Divide, his first album in over five years. Sheehan’s latest piece of work is a sublime marriage of modern-classical orchestral chamber music, piano, and textural cinematic guitar and synth soundscapes.

Capturing the feel of the entire album, ‘Soma Dreams’ offers a preview for listeners to A Quiet Divide. His most cinematic and emotive release to date, the track encapsulates the nostalgic feel of the album, further expanding on the ambient/post-rock sound that has gained Sheehan fans across the globe.

About the track –

“‘Soma Dreams’ was originally written on my baritone ukulele. I recorded an idea on an old tape machine, looped it, and played around with some chords and melodies over the loop, then dabbled away on an old 8-bit toy keyboard synth. But it still needed some structure. My wife Raashi co-wrote the rest of the track with me, and played the piano parts on it too.

I had a nostalgic childlike feel in my head that took a while to achieve sonically. I wanted the string outro section to feel like it was recorded at Abbey Road in the 60’s or something. Recording the strings was an important part of the process, and I worked closely with orchestrator Ryan Youens to get the right feel I was after. I then finished recording and co-producing it with a friend of mine, Jol Mulholland. The track was then mastered through an old reel-to-reel tape machine. My 5 year old daughter named the track herself when she walked into the studio one day during mixing. Her name is Soma.” – Rhian Sheehan

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