A Girl Named Mo

A Girl Named Mo


A Girl Named Mo’s unique brand of soulful electronica is led by the amazing vocal talents of Moana Ete, and accentuated by the rhythm section of Slade Butler and Marcus Gurtner. Together, the three piece are combining elements of bass heavy electronica with the distinct R&B grind of Mo’s incredible vocals.

A Girl Named Mo have fast become one of the most exciting acts in the Wellington music scene. Debut single ‘Who They Say You Are’ signalled their arrival which was followed by Mo's stand out songs in Fly My Pretties 'String Theory'. To continue the bands upwards flow A Girl Named Mo recorded 6 SOLD OUT shows at Bats Theatre Wellington and released these raw 'works in progess' on Bandcamp only in December 2016.

Upcoming Releases

2017 = a string of singles & remixes. Album date TBC.

Live Options

Moana Ete solo (synths/drum machine) or 3-piece (drums, synth station & beats)

Live Highlights

5 sold-out shows at Bats Theatre in Oct 2016 to record a live demo album. Cuba Dupa Festival 2017, Jim Beam Homegrown, support for Aaradhna & Fly My Pretties, Loop Sessions.