Formed out of the ashes from one of Auckland's most musically-creative hubs, Yoko-Zuna have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting bands in NZ and a favourite on the festival circuit.

2017 saw Yoko-Zuna perform sets across NZ’s biggest festivals to huge audiences. The band are currently working on album number two, which is set to be released in mid-2018, and will again showcase the growing abilities of one of NZ’s finest musical talents. 

With their combination of unique electronic/hip-hop compositions and a live show which is rarely bettered, Yoko-Zuna is an act with talent to burn. A collection of supremely talented musicians with years of experience in many different acts and jazz-school training, Yoko-Zuna are four of the scene's most talented musicians.

With the release of their debut album, This Place Here, in 2015, Yoko-Zuna announced themselves to the greater music scene with an album showcasing a sound which hasn’t been previously seen in NZ – sub-electronic frequencies, melodic moments, and immense bass-synth-fuelled drops. The album combined Yoko-Zuna’s unique instrumental sound with some of the country’s most talented vocalists including David Dallas, Bailey Wiley and Team Dynamite.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, May 2016 saw Yoko-Zuna release the Luminols EP. Featuring some of NZ’s biggest vocalists in P-Digsss, Laughton Kora & Tom Scott, along with the fresh talents of Lukan Raisey, HEAVY & Larzranda, the EP shows a band infusing electronic/hip-hop with their own inimitable sound. 

Their second album, will again feature collaborations with a range of amazing vocalists including Ladi6, Bailey Wiley, Raiza Biza, MeloDownz, SWIDT, Team Dynamite and more.

'Voltron' is the first taste of new material, and showcases the more electronic side of the Yoko-Zuna sound. 

Upcoming Releases

Voltron (Single) out now!
Second single ft. SWIDT out February 2, 2018
String of further singles in 2018 leading into album release mid-2018

Live Options

4-piece live band with sample vocals remixed live
4-piece band with live vocalists options including the likes of Team Dynamite, SWIDT, Laughton Kora, Ladi6, Randa, Bailey Wiley, MeloDownz & Raiza Biza

Live Highlights

Rhythm & Alps 2017 Main Stage Performance after midnight NYE, Rhythm & Vines 2017, Big Sound Brisbane 2017, Homegrown 2017, Splore 2017, Soundsplash 2017, Northern Bass 2016, Rhythm & Vines 2016, The Others Way 2016 & 17, sold out Matterhorn closing party, Hunter Lounge Wellington, sold-out Kings Arms June 2016. Auckland Arts Festival 2016, sold-out Q Theatre Auckland Dec 2015