by Alda Rezende / 2006


Release Notes

Traveller was Alda Rezende's first album through Loop Recordings, having previously released the albums Samba Solto and Madrugada. Traveller tells a story of Alda’s path, her journey from the expansive continent of South America to the isles of Aotearoa. The title is also indicates the album’s nature itself – half Brazilian, half-Kiwi, as Alda suggests.

“I am a traveller, and this album is a traveller,” she says. “It was an album born from my experiences when I had this opportunity to return to Brazil and record with the people of my past and my friends of the future. We started this album in Brazil, recording guitars there and we brought those elements back to New Zealand to finish it here.

 “It’s not really a Kiwi and it’s not really a Brazilian – it’s like a tourist or traveller.”

Jazzy, loungey, laid-back and breezy sounds, laid over subtle and gentle Brazilian bossanova rhythms, Traveller brought together the talents of two worlds – Jonathan Crayford and Brazilian guitar maestro Kristoff Silva, who prior to the album's release, placed runner-up in Brazil’s most prestigious music honour, the Visa Awards (of which Alda has been a previous finalist).

Traveller is the perfect name for the album. There are many references to the sea, and blues and greens and vistas, both in my tracks and the tracks that Jonathan has written with me. I think the vibe is a light and clear one, but still elegant and a bit smoky.”



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