by Various / 2012


Release Notes

An ambient downtempo musical journey which seamlessly blends iconic trailblazers, current innovators and up-and-comers of the NZ electronic scene.

Winter combines a mix of melodic beats and slow rhythms from a diverse range of Kiwi producers including Module, Glass Vaults, Skallander, Hirini Melbourne with Richard Nunns, Pitch Black, Paddy Free, Benny Tones, Oakley O.G Grenell, Stray Theories, Ebb, epsilon-blue and Rhian Sheehan.


Wellware’s Winter kit combines music and remedy by bringing together a relaxing downtempo musical journey with the healing power of liquid Echinacea.

The Winter kit is available in 100ml ($25.50) bottles of liquid Echinacea, which are accompanied with a unique code to download the 11 track seamless album (RRP$15) for free.

Echinacea is an “immune modulator” meaning it will restore immunity imbalances and is one of the only herbs that can be used continually without dulling its ongoing effectiveness.

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