Production duo and brothers, Isaac Aesili and Mark McNeill, are intergalactic maestros 'Karlmarx'. Their debut album The Karlmarx Project (2011) confounds the space and time continuum as it offers up an instrumental soundtrack for a retrospective science fiction movie that was never made.

Growing up in a large family, Mark and Isaac were exposed to a variety of music – from Jazz and Classical greats to modern pop culture icons such as Prince and Vangelis. This eclectic mix impacted on them both, sending Mark on an Industrial and Synth-Pop dominated route and leading Isaac to a musical spectrum dashed with variants including Future Soul and Electronica.

Mark is a producer and sound engineer who regularly makes his own music. He was the original studio engineer for The Shocking Pinks - now signed to DFA Records (US) - working on their first few releases including 'Mathematical Warfare' and 'The Shocking Pinks'. Isaac is a prolific musician, producer and DJ who was a member of Opensouls and Solaa, is a founding member of Latin Aotearoa and Funkommunity, and has leant his talents of trumpet, vocals and percussion to numerous bands including Eru Dangerspiel and The Recloose Live Band.

The hybrid talent of Mark McNeill and Isaac Aesili is Karlmarx. Journey into the future with them and their hypnotic, synthed out, space grooves.