Words come easy to Tommy Benefield. But their origin is a mystery to the lead singer who describes the moment of inspiration as “tapping into a source of endless energy and love”. He sounds like a hippie, right? Not quite.

“My songs take about 3 minutes to write,” says Benefield. “The words pour out of me faster than my hands can write. At any point I can start rapping or singing cohesive rhyming verses and flows, often the lyrics are far more profound than anything I could consciously think up.”

Benefield is too complex to characterise. He was kicked out of home, school, and rehab before age 17. He grew up fast. By 22 he was a full-time councillor, all the while writing music. He now has a masters degree in psychotherapy, has opened shows for the likes of Fly My Pretties and Donovan Frankenreiter, and released his second studio album through Loop Recordings entitled Tomorrow I Might Go.

Written April, 2008.