From piano busker to recording artist, AJ Hickling releases Beyond the Rush, a new album compiled of Hickling’s organic and much loved piano-based compositions. Composed and recorded entirely by Hickling himself in his home studio, Beyond the Rush is Hickling’s latest release features eight emotive, raw and soundscape-focused compositions.

"For me it’s been the opportunity to step back from the extrovert practice of busking, and realise an album which begins far beyond the hustle and bustle of the streets. From the quiet of the night. From the stillness of the mind. From the magic of the spaces between the notes. From the twilight of waking and sleeping, and from the depth of feeling which only begins when the world around you slips away. 
Beyond the Rush."

Hickling is a trained classical pianist who has made a name for himself across the world as the “piano busker”, primarily in Queenstown, but has also travelled the world many times over, always accompanied by his piano. Hickling’s signature sound is heavily influenced by the natural surroundings he immerses himself in, while he works to build meaningful connections with people, nature and music.