One of NZ’s most acclaimed singer songwriters, Anna Coddington returns with the new single, ‘Kātuarehe’. The track is the first taste of a new album from Coddington, which is set for release to coincide with Matariki this year, an occasion marking the Māori new year. 

‘Kātuarehe’, meaning “to be outstanding, marvellous” in English, lays down the blueprint for Coddington’s new album. The track and album both move effortlessly from te reo Māori to English, bringing a sound which Coddington herself dubbed “Māori funk”. Pushing further forward the playful sound of her previous releases, ‘Kātuarehe’ features the same memorable hooks that you expect from Coddington, alongside a bassline & shout-along chorus which declares “you ain’t ready”, showing a mission statement for the new release. 

Due out in late-June, Anna Coddington’s new album sees her writing a full body of work featuring te reo Māori for the first time in her career. The result is her finest work yet, an album which sounds truly original yet still maintains her distinctive style.