L.A.B present a Deluxe edition of their new album, L.A.B VI. The release brings four brand new imaginings of tracks from the album - recorded live with horns & string sections expanding the sound. Hugely anticipated by their fan base, the new recordings add to the 11 tracks on L.A.B VI, an album which is their strongest to date.

L.A.B VI (Deluxe) includes new recordings of "Ocean Demon", "Oh No (Pt. 2)", "Give Me That Feeling" and "I Believe" - all recorded live at Massey Studios, with accompanying videos.

Whittled down from nearly 30 total tracks, the songs featured on L.A.B VI are a welcome addition to an already beloved catalogue. Incorporating all aspects of the bands unique sound, the album combines reggae/roots & soul with funk & elements of rock. Featuring the singles 'Take It Away', 'Casanova' & 'Oh No (Pt. 2)'.