Anna Coddington is back! We're excited to present ‘The Saint (with stains)’, the first track from a new album, due out late-2020.

Co-produced by APRA Silver Scroll winning duo LIPS, ‘The Saint (with stains)’ signals a raw new direction for Coddington, leaning into her indie sensibilities, while maintaining a pop edge. The new single sets a tone of ruthless self expression for her forthcoming full album, with Coddington exploring her place in the world as a woman, musician and Māori.

Accompanied by whirring and delicate keys, LIPS' production keeps Coddington’s vocals & lyrics front and centre, working in tandem to create a track delightfully ubeat with a slight tinge of sorrow throughout. 

Written over a period of self-reflection, Coddington’s new work dives into the personal to draw out the universal. Each song tackles a different issue with the central thread being parenthood and the new perspectives, super-strengths and challenges this comes with. ‘The Saint (with stains)’ plays with expectations around motherhood and the tension between the sacredness of this role, and the day-to-day reality of it. Our young children see us as gods with all the answers, even if we’re just guessing half the time. 

“You have the right to expect that I could do no wrong. A saint with stains all over her dress, cursing under her breath when you’re gone…”

All links to stream/download the track HERE