Anna Coddington returns with her new album, Beams. With an approach of ruthless self-expression, this album sees Coddington dive into the personal to draw out the universal.

Leaning into her indie sensibilities, while maintaining a pop edge, Beams sees Coddington exploring her place in the world across 10 tracks as a mother, musician, Māori & human being. After spending long periods of her career shying away from these subjects, Beams sees Coddington tackling them head on & at full speed, with honest abandon.

Produced by APRA Silver Scroll-winning duo Steph Brown & Fen Ikner aka LIPS, Beams captures an artist & producer working cohesively, combining the indie/electronic-pop style of LIPS alongside Coddington’s penchant for storytelling. Each track explores a different aspect of Coddington’s personal life, and through that, exposes a plethora of universal, wonderful human emotions.

Coddington & LIPS combine throughout Beams to create a musical journey which draws on their own life experiences. With all songs originally written on guitar, LIPS then brought their musical palette to the table, layering up wistful/nostalgic synths, punchy drums, & well-placed basslines, all with Coddington’s vocals sitting front and centre.

Recorded at Casa LIPS (their house) between the childcare-friendly hours of 10am & 2.30pm, the relaxed-yet-focused feeling of the recording sessions is evident on Beams, a sound which remains playful, but every word & action is determined and deliberate.

Through collaboration with LIPS and combining both act’s musical sensibilities, Beams sees Coddington creating her most cohesive piece of work to date - a delightfully upbeat piece of indie-pop, with tinges of self-reflection & sorrow across the board.