New Zealand-based indie/rock/pop outfit Summer Thieves present their second album, Paradise Down The Road. Across 10 tracks, the band effortlessly move across all aspects of their sound, creating an album which shows a maturation in the Dunedin-bred party starters. 

The album is out now digitally, with limited edition vinyl available to pre-order HERE

Featuring a range of tracks honed both in studio and across festivals over the past 12 months, Paradise Down The Road sees them pushing their sound into new and different spaces, all the while maintaining the energy that has earned them an ever-growing following.

Written and recorded across multiple lockdowns and quiet periods, the album shows two different emotional sides - one deep & contemplative (written during lockdown), and the other more hopeful & celebratory (written in between lockdowns). Bringing together elements of pop, rock, blues, indie & even tinges of hip-hop & gospel, these eclectic sounds & influences all combine to create a sound hard to pin down to one genre, but instantly recognisable as that of Summer Thieves

Paradise Down The Road features the band taking the wheel of their sound, and driving into new & interesting terrain. Featuring production from Matt Sadgrove (Sons of Zion, Stan Walker) & Tiki Taane (Shapeshifter, Salmonella Dub), alongside co-writes with Brad Kora & Joel Shadbolt (L.A.B), the album is lead by frontman Jake Barton, with his unmistakable vocals & fingerprints all over each track. 

With their eyes set on expanding both their sound and audience beyond Aotearoa, Paradise Down The Road sees Summer Thieves finally coming into their own, becoming more comfortable in their expanding sound.