An Evening With Dr Ben Goldacre

An Evening With Dr Ben Goldacre

An Evening With Ben Goldacre
A Think Inc. Event
Brought to you by Auckland University of Technology, Newstalk ZB, The New Zealand Herald & Loop

Sat Sept 24, 7pm, Mercury Theatre, Auckland 

Pseudoscientists and pharmaceutical frauds beware: gladiator of rationality Dr. Ben Goldacre is set to slaughter peddlers of scientific misinformation.

British science communicator, academic, researcher, rationalism advocate, physician and journalist Dr. Ben Goldacre is coming to New Zealand for the first time this September to inform the public – in his unique comical nature – of the dangers implicit in the modern trend of spreading scientific misinformation, and how to calibrate our bullsh*t meters. This one-off evening will give audiences a chance to hear Dr. Ben Goldacre bring down pseudoscience via a short lecture, conversation with our MC, and an audience Q&A session.

With a plethora of media appearances, a wealth of academic publications, a near-decade stint of weekly ‘Bad Science’ columns for The Guardian, and his two books Bad Science (2008) and Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients (2012), Dr. Ben Goldacre interjects on behalf of reason and pulls no punches when it comes to maintaining scientific and humanistic integrity, shining a light through the many holes of scientific (in)accuracy and intellectual duplicity of these parties too willing to deceive the masses.

A graduate of Oxford University, a licensed physician, and imminent researcher and academic, Dr. Ben Goldacre describes ‘bad science’ simply as “…when people make claims which they assert are scientific, but when you look at the evidence, it doesn’t support the claims that they’ve made.” Helming this dissemination of factoids, Goldacre says, is sensationalistic mainstream media, crooked corporations, and some individualistic, less-than-reliable ‘researchers’.

What better immunisation from pseudoscience and misinformation than the shots of verbal vaccination from the doctor himself, Dr. Ben Goldacre? The doctor will see us in September.

An Evening With Ben Goldacre, proudly brought to you by Auckland University of Technology, Newstalk ZB, The New Zealand Herald and Loop


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