Brian Greene: A Time Traveller's Tale

Brian Greene: A Time Traveller's Tale

Think Inc. Present: Dr Brian Greene
Sunday March 26, Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
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“The single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today,” – The Washington Post

Think Inc. in association with AUT and Loop are proud to bring physics superstar and master storyteller Dr Brian Greene to NZ for an evening of interdimensional exploration and travel through space-time.

Professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, Dr Brian Greene is well-known as one of the world’s leading science communicators. Focusing on string theory, mathematical physics and cosmology, Dr Greene’s goal is to universalise science and scientific interest, democratising it from the ivory towers of academia and down to the ground where the impact is greatest.

‘A Time Traveller’s Tale’ will see Dr Green bring his mind-bending (and mending) explanations for reality-altering discoveries to New Zealand for the first time. The evening will feature a lecture from Dr Green, followed by a question and answer session with the evening’s host, along with an audience Q&A.

Dr Brian Greene will be bringing his clear and charismatic speaking to New Zealand for the first time this March to help us get a grasp on concepts which might seem so far removed from our lives, yet are intrinsically crucial to human life.

Event will consist of a lecture from Dr Brian Greene, followed by a discussion with the event host, and conclude with an audience question and answer session.

Dr Brian Greene  ‘A Time Traveller’s Tale’
Sunday March 26, Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland

Doors 6:30pm / Show: 7.30pm / Ends 9pm

Tickets available now from Ticketmaster

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