micronism + peak:shift + signer + coda

micronism + peak:shift + signer + coda

in celebration of the re-release of the "techno masterpiece" that is inside a quiet mind, micronism aka denver mccarthy will play wellington's new premiere night club plimmer steps.

denver will be joined by nuture recordings co-founder and deep-tech god peak:shift aka simon flower, involve records founder and man of many pseudonyms signer aka bevan smith, and one of NZ’s founding electronic DJ’s coda aka leon baldock.

micronism +
peak:shift +
signer +
coda +

this show represents not only micronism’s return to new zealand, but also his first live show in close to 20 years.


showcasing tracks from inside a quiet mind, a previous life as mechanism, and a treasure trove of unreleased gems, this show will see micronism’s influence on the electronic scene return to a live setting.

" inside a quiet mind remains a cultural taonga, a musical time capsule that sends the listener hurtling straight back to the earliest flowerings of the New Zealand rave scene," - Sunday Star Times

"A techno masterpiece," - Radio New Zealand