Rialto Channel 48 Hours

Rialto Channel 48 Hours


Good on you for entering the Rialto Channel 48Hour Film Competition! If you would like to use some great NZ music in your masterpiece, read on.

We have pre-cleared some of our music allowing you to legally use some of our catalogue (without incurring fees) within your film. 

We simply require that you purchase the music yourself and adhere to the Loop Music Rules, which you will find when you download the LOOP MUSIC INFO folder.

Click here to get all the LOOP MUSIC INFO you need.


A Music List of songs that you can legally use in your film is available in the LOOP MUSIC INFO folder.

You can listen and find links to purchase all pre-cleared music at http://loop.co.nz/releases

We would like to wish all 48Hour contestants the best of luck with their films. Enjoy!