Loopkast 97 (Loop Singles - Dec 12)

27 December 2012 / 55:25 / Download audio 126.9 MB

Tracks cooking (& cooked) at Loop Recordings. A mixtape of various Loop singles from Dec 2012 & Jan, Feb 2013. Featuring (Ft.) Yes King, Joe Revell, Eavesdrop, Recloose & Kong Fooey with vocalists including Mel Uye-Parker, Mystro, Imagine This, Dallas & Tamaira. Mixed by Mikee Dec 27, 2012.

01. Overproof Ft. Mel Uye-Parker By Yes King
02. Overproof Ft. Mel Uye-Parker (Joe Revell Remix) By Yes King
03. Clear Water Ft. Keshia By Eavesdrop
04. Moonlight Over Wanaka By Eavesdrop
05. The Cat Burglar Ft. J Dubs By Eavesdrop
06. Overproof Ft. Mel Uye-Parker (Eavesdrop Remix) By Yes King
07. Funky Dust By Recloose Vs Fivee Deez Mixed By Adi Dick
08. Find A Way Ft. Imagine This By Kong Fooey
09. Keep Dreaming Ft. Topaz By Kong Fooey
10. Friends Like Mine Ft. Mystro By Yes King
11. Rock This World (Ft. Dawn Penn / Mystro / Kenny Knotts) By Yes King