22 August 2015 / 41:58 / Download audio 96.1 MB

This Mixtape is undoubtedly the most eclectic installment yet, at times throwing elements of disco, electronica, psychedlia and rap at the wall, and hoping it will stick. Luckily (in our humble opinion), it works. NB - Explicit Lyrics.

01. Time Goes By (Baile Remix) by Taste Nasa
02. Revival (Featuring Team Dynamite) by Yoko-Zuna
03. Be You Tiful by Spycc
04. How My Day Goes ft. Melodownz by ENO X DIRTY
05. Kingfish (Starfish Remix By Rodi Kirk) by Aron Ottignon
06. Brother Sun feat. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version) by Electric Wire Hustle
07. Trolley Bay by BuskaDimes
08. See More by Given Names
09. Lions Den (Cooking With Caustic Remix) by Sola Rosa
10. Hardground (DJ Vadim Remix) by Yes King
11. Topsy-Turvy by Audiosauce

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