New releases from Loop

Summer Thieves - 'Tongue & Cheek / Pieces'
L.A.B - 'Shadows Dub'
Fly My Pretties - 'Tō Kātua Whānau / Family Tree'

Kia ora e te whānau - Happy Friday 🤠

We've been working hard in the Loop office on some hot releases so take a breath and get ready to fall in love with this fine selection of tracks...

The boys are well and truly back in town and in a town near you! 

In the midst of their nationwide tour, selling out shows across the country, Summer Thieves return with a taste of their new album with 'Tongue & Cheek' and the B-Side 'Pieces'.  

Both tracks are guaranteed party starters, with lead singer Jake Barton pushing for people to let their hair down, get weird and get warpy. 

So - be sure to grab yourself a beveragino and get into the TGIF spirit and give the tracks a spin! 🗡🐍

All links to stream/download 
Catch them in a town near you! (tickets are in hot demand)
Get warpy to the offical 'Tongue & Cheek' visualiser 

For the dubheads out there - which lets be honest, is everyone from NZ 🍃💨

L.A.B return with 'Shadows Dub', a dubbed out version of their original track 'Shadows' which arrived alongside a live mixdown video. 'Shadows Dub' comes with the announcement of L.A.B's upcoming album L.A.B In Dub (to be released October 21), a ten-track album featuring an array of dubbed-out L.A.B tracks from Italian producer Paolo Baldini DubFiles

L.A.B In Dub is being released in collaboration with German-based label Echo Beach, and will be released both digitally and on vinyl.

So what are you waiting for? Turn the bass up loud, who cares about your neighbour Susan? Crank that dub!

All links to stream/download 'Shadows Dub' 
Watch the video for 'Shadows Dub' 
Vinyl pre-orders

In case you missed it!

Fly My Pretties recently released 'Tō Kātua Whānau', a Te Reo Māori version of their track ‘Family Tree’, translated and recorded especially for the TVNZ series Waiata Anthems.

The episode follows Fly My Pretties frontman Barnaby Weir on his journey to connect with his Māori heritage which was lost when his Māori mother Judi was adopted by a Pākehā family in the 1950s, severing all ties she had with her whakapapa and te ao Māori, causing lifelong trauma and disconnection.

Kia ora everyone, thanks for joining us & have a fantastic weekend! 🥂