Recently named as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, Dr. Jane Goodall will be joined by an exciting range of special guests during her three New Zealand appearances this month.

Each evening will see a presentation by Dr. Goodall which will not only touch on her incredible life story, but also on solutions for the mounting global crises we currently face. Dr Goodall will take part in a fireside chat which will be moderated by TVNZ’s John Campbell in Auckland and Christchurch, and Radio New Zealand and The Project’s Jesse Mulligan in Wellington.

These events will also feature acoustic musical performances from members of Fly My Pretties in Auckland and Christchurch, and from Trinity Roots in Wellington. Both acts are well known for not only their uniquely Kiwi sound, but also for their work with organisations and in raising awareness for social causes.

Each evening will begin with a special presentation from 16 year old Maha Fier, member of the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand Roots & Shoots programme.

Dr. Goodall visits New Zealand on the back of a damning new report from the United Nations. The new report shows that nearly one million species risk becoming extinct within decades, and that current efforts to conserve the earth’s resources will likely fail without radical action. The study also states that 25 per cent of all plant and animal species are more vulnerable “than ever before”.

“Following the adoption of this historic report, no one will be able to claim that they did not know,” says Audrey Azoulay, head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). “We can no longer continue to destroy the diversity of life. This is our responsibility towards future generations.”

Dr Goodall has come out in response to the report with the below statement.

“Today’s U.N. report provides a stark warning – we humans are threatening all life on Planet Earth with extinction: up to 1 million plant and animal species are at risk and many may disappear within decades. Every species has a role to play in the tapestry of life and if we do not protect this biodiversity, if we continue over-consuming and wasting natural resources, the tapestry will gradually fall apart. This, of course, is what scientists have been predicting for years, and what I have been speaking about in every lecture.

So – is there any hope? Only if we get together now and use our human intellect to find the necessary solutions to save our planet.

Fortunately, nature is amazingly resilient: places we have destroyed, given time and help, can once again support life, and endangered species can be given a second chance. And there is a growing number of people, especially young people, who are aware of these problems and are fighting for the survival of our only home, Planet Earth. We must all join that fight before it is too late.”

Dr Goodall has devoted her life to making a difference for all, and the power of individual action, both herself and through the work of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) across the globe. Established in 1977, JGI is recognised for researching and building on Dr Goodall’s pioneering work in conservation, particularly through programmes such as Roots & Shoots. Today, Dr Goodall travels the world over 300 days per year, speaking about her reasons for hope for the planet.

Her three New Zealand appearances will see Dr Goodall not only touch on her life story, but also discuss how individuals can help minimise the threats described by the United Nations report. Proceeds from Dr Goodall’s New Zealand appearances will go directly to supporting work of the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand.

Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand & Loop Present:
Dr. Jane Goodall – Rewind The Future NZ Tour 2019
Thanks to Newstalk ZB & Yealands Family Wines

Wellington – Sunday 19 May, Michael Fowler Centre
Hosted by Jesse Mulligan w/ Musical Guests Trinity Roots
Auckland – Saturday 25 May, ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre
Hosted by John Campbell w/ Musical Guests Members of Fly My Pretties
Christchurch – Thursday 30 May, Christchurch Town Hall
Hosted by John Campbell w/ Musical Guests Members of Fly My Pretties

Auckland sold out, Wellington & Christchurch selling fast

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