by Third3ye / 2016

Release Notes


New Zealand’s favourite collection of soul-infused earth-rappers Third3ye release the 3P, their first new material as a collective in nearly two years. A body of work exploring their own place and experiences as musicians in NZ in 2016.

Since the release of their debut album On3ness in 2014, Third3ye have developed a reputation and large following as one of the most interesting artists in the music scene with their conscious bend on hip-hop/soul. Written over the course of nearly two years at “the Buddha shack where Third3ye was born”, the background for the 3P was laid in experiences – some death defying and life changing, others self-discovering.

With a Te Reo call to arms over a driving drum beat produced by Third3ye live member iLL Baz, ‘iiintro’ establishes in it’s opening seconds that the 3P is not your run-of-the-mill hip-hop release. Across a further seven tracks and featuring a wide range of collaborators including Bailey Wiley, Jeremy Toy and Frank Eliesa (Yoko-Zuna), the vocal combination of MeloDownz and Angelo King have crafted a release which seamlessly drifts from dark, conscious hip-hop of ‘Heart Of Gold’, to the straight-up funk of ‘Feet 5’ and the rasta-feel of ‘Yew Want’.

The 3P represents two artists in Angelo King and MeloDownz coming together after rediscovering themselves not only as solo artists, but also as individuals – a reconnection of souls kindred in spirit. The varied sound of the 3P integrates the number of musical elements which have spoken to Third3ye throughout the musical journey. After the success and strong reception behind On3ness, the 3P is an effort to not only do something different musically, but also to not rest on their laurels.

Featuring production from long-time Third3ye collaborators iLL Baz, Ben Jamin, Frank Eliesa, Jono Das, Abraham Kunin and WhyFi, and featuring Bailey Wiley, Jeremy Toy and Israel Starr, the 3P is a welcome new step in the Third3ye journey.

“Timeless music that is not governed by the rules and regulations of formulated music.”

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