by Anna Coddington / 2016

Release Notes


Anna Coddington releases her third single for 2016, ‘Apples’, ahead of her highly-anticipated third album Luck/Time. Featuring a wildly infectious bassline anchoring another beautifully vulnerable vocal from Anna, the track continues to showcase the hallmarks of Luck/Time: carefully crafted songs and astute production from one of New Zealand’s most talented vocalists. 

Layers of tactful guitar from Anna combine with a call-and-response chorus to create an instant earworm of a track. The track stems entirely from “a bassline and a desire to capture a certain feeling/groove in the music”, and shows another side to Anna Coddington: “slinky and relaxed, and a little bit creepy”.  

'Apples' arrives alongside a video again directed by long-time collaborators Aidee Walker and Humans. Starring Anna herself, along with a cameo from her son, and featuring a selection of her own stuff the video serves as a representation of Anna’s music making process – “I just go into the studio, grab whatever is up there, make noise with it, arrange it till it sounds good, and stack up those brightly coloured Pro Tools waveforms”. Colourful, melodramatic and instantly memorable, the video is the perfect accompaniment to ‘Apples’.

Over four years of hard work has resulted in the finest work from Anna Coddington – an album which showcases all the strengths and experiences acquired over an already-acclaimed career. Luck/Time features pop sounds with tinges of indie, disco, and yacht rock thrown in, and is the sound of one of NZ’s most talented musicians at the peak of her powers. 

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