Belo Dia

by Nathan Haines / 2024

Release Notes



‘Belo Dia’ is taken from Nathan Haines’ 11th album Notes, set for release August 9.

‘Belo Dia’ is a love letter to Brazilian music, bringing warm, evocative harmonies, a smooth bassline and infectious energy. The gleaming vocals weave through the rich instrumental layers, celebrating the joyous and carefree spirit of Brazilian culture with Cuica (otherwise known in Brazil as the talking drum). Featuring real strings and drums captured by vintage microphones and gear, the track is a soundscape that evokes sun-drenched beaches and the spirit of sunnier climes.

Rachel Clarke’s vocals form the centrepiece with a vocal melody doubled with Nathan’s flute, whistling and analog synthesisers, with Jonathan Crayford on piano, bass and string arrangement.  Guitarist Leon Stenning (a former member of Nathan’s live band in the UK) co-wrote the song with Nathan several years ago, and it was a song that Nathan worked on while in hospital when he was undergoing several operations for throat cancer. Now fully recovered, Nathan took the original demo and added additional instrumentation with the result being a track that is representative of his deep love and respect for Brazilian music.

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