Bizzy Living

by Clicks / 2019

Release Notes

The dynamic electronic-pop act CLICKS return with their first new material for 2019, ‘Bizzy Living’ – a celebration of human diversity and the joy of doing your own thing in the face of an ever-intensifying stream of information about what everyone else is doing.

‘Bizzy Living’ shows a new side and growing confidence in CLICKS songwriting ability, pushing the boundaries of their sound. The track sees CLICKS switch it up musically again with a nod to punk, new wave, and artists like Santigold and MIA. A bossy bassline, plinky-synth motif, and just the right amount of shoutiness in the vocal make for an uplifting earworm.

The single arrives again with artwork from Jaime Robertson, and a new animated video from The Makers Initiative, continuing the visual theme in CLICKS material.

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