Come Home Mr. Ill

by Tommy Ill / 2009

Come Home Mr. Ill

Release Notes

Tommy Ill released two EPs, Toast & Tea Kettles (Empathy Recordings) in 2007 and Matchsticks (Loop) in 2008. In 2009, he released his third EP Come Home Mr. Ill on November the 17th. He was pretty proud of it and thought it was his best work yet.  
“I wanted to make an EP of more upbeat songs, party songs even. Maybe not for the party itself but more for the pre-party drinks you have at your friend’s house with a bunch of buddies before you head to the actual party. It’s music to be tipsy and excited to.” 
Tommy Ill has never been one to stick to a certain style, sound or scene for too long, more likely to be seen playing shows with indie and electro bands than his hip-hop contemporaries.  
“I don’t like the stigma that comes with being called a rapper, people immediately assume you sound, dress and act a certain way, when I’ve never really fitted in to that. I like to think that with Come Home Mr. Ill I’m going in the complete opposite direction of what people would guess I would have done next. Also, I get to rap about Pokemon. " 
"With the last record (Matchsticks) I was in a darker place, but with this record I figured ‘who wants to hear me rap about getting my heart broken over and over again’, that gets a bit old. You can’t party while listening to me whinge. So this record is about partying. It’s about road trips in shitty cars (‘Come Home Mr. Ill’), it’s about getting drunk and crashing parties (‘Best Damn Evening’), it’s about a cocktail made out of vodka, rum and luncheon sausage which seemed like a good idea at the time (‘Lunch Meat’), It’s about drinking cask wine and being locked out of your house (‘Cheap Wine Bender’). Mostly it’s about Pokemon though. 

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