Goin’ Steady

by Newtown Rocksteady / 2013

Release Notes

LOOPDigital Release / © Newtown Rocksteady

Newtown Rocksteady return with their second EP, Goin’ Steady, hot on the heels of their killer performance at this year’s Womad NZ.

Recorded live at The Boardroom (an offshoot of infamous Wellington recording studio, The Surgery) and mixed collaboratively by band members and engineer, Ryan Prebble, Goin' Steady documents the band’s already well-developed live sound. The EP’s title pays homage to the growth of the group, over the last three or four years, into a solid unit and one which looks set to keep rocking steady.

Put together 13 close friends and experienced musicians in a moodily-lit underground bunker with an array of classic microphones and other venerable gear as well as enough brass to keep your grandmother polishing for days on end and you set the stage for a fine musical collaboration. Add to this a lack of time restraints and this band’s vast experience performing live together and you see the context in which this album was recorded. From light, up-tempo rocksteady riddims to dark and stormy dub/reggae grooves this album is a history lesson!

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