Live at Bats (Platonic\Romantic)

by A Girl Named Mo / 2016

Release Notes

Recorded over six sold out shows at Wellington’s Bats Theatre, Platonic\Romantic introduces A Girl Named Mo.

Platonic\Romantic is an evolving body of work that showcases not only A Girl Named Mo’s unique brand of electronic-R&B, but also the live sketches that will make up their debut album to come in 2017.

Across 12 songs, Platonic\Romantic examines relationships through musical storytelling. Led by Moana Ete, A Girl Named Mo have spent 2016 making a name for themselves in the Wellington music scene, and this snapshot captures an act on the rise. Electronic beats, vocal sample samples and thumping bass all combine with the undoubted talent of Ete to create a varied and intelligent collection of songs. 

“It’s an electronic live album, which is a bit of an oxymoron. I remembered to listen to Erykah Badu's Live album heading into the live recording at Bats. I really love her relationship with the audience. She just chills with them and over time, I listen and hang on her every word. I love that album and I really wanted to relax with my audience like she does.

Love songs are almost always about Romantic love. About heartbreak and cheating and marriage, and it's only real love if it's physical and consummated type stuff. I'm just not always about that. Some of the most rewarding and important love stories for me are ones that don't include any of that, but just straight up, pure, platonic love. I guess the whole idea is what if Platonic and Romantic are just one in the same thing?” – Moana Ete

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