Mystical Soul

by Twinset / 2003

Release Notes

Following the success of 2002 album It's A Summer Feeling, which saw them gaining a nomination for "Best Jazz Album" at the New Zealand Music Awards 2003, Wellington three-piece, Twinset began work on Mystical Soul in February 2003.

Organist Chris Yeabsley, twin brother Dan Yeabsley on sax/flute and Paul Hoskin on drums present vocal collaborations with such luminaries of the Wellington massive as Lotus, Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds) and Dallas (Fat Freddy's Drop). With engineering by Dr Lee Prebble (The Black Seeds/The Phoenix Foundation), and Mu of Fat Freddy's Drop providing his magic touch on mixing and mastering duties, Mystical Soul is a smooth taste of the popsicle-chill dub-tinged jazz flavour that is Twinset.

Twinset began back in 1996. Since their first gig, they set a standard of impeccable presentation, both in their attire suits and ties mandatory - and in their finely crafted compositions.

While their sound is customarily typified as jazz, there is a lot of use made of break beats, roots and dub influences. With smooth grooves, strong lead lines and a palpably warm texture, Mystical Soul is a heady concoction of lounge and jazz styles, gently infused with soul to create an album of essential urban listening.

"Superb musicianship and beautifully recorded, you have to keep reminding yourself that this is the work of a trio and not a larger group as the groove is so wide." -NZ Musician

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