Road From 26

by Corrella / 2023

Release Notes


Aotearoa 7-piece Corrella have become regulars in the charts and airwaves with the release of their much-anticipated debut album Road From 26

Named for the Navy house where the band was created, 26 Corrella Road, near the Devonport Naval Base where the group met and formed - Road From 26 is a powerful, modern and outright vibe that takes you on a journey from Corrella’s past to present. With their signature feel-good roots-reggae, there’s also funk, soul, pop-rock and a powerful stripped-backed song ‘Promise’  - with just guitar, violin and vocals. ‘Promise’ is dedicated to lead singer Pipiwharauroa Campbell’s son and beautifully completes the album.  Another dedication to whānau is single ‘Visions’, the first track bass player Codi Wehi-Ngati has brought to the band. 

“We’re super excited about the album,” says lead vocalist Pipiwharauroa Campbell, “we’ve got genres and songs on there for everyone. It reflects our diversity. Not only in music but in culture. We want people to be united in listening to this album. One Aotearoa.” 

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