Savage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by Arli Liberman / 2020

Release Notes


Composed by acclaimed-musician Arli Liberman, Loop are proud to present the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the new film, Savage. Winner of the 2021 APRA Best Original Music in a Film Award | Tohu Pūmanawa.

New Zealand-based musician & composer Arli Liberman has previously performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival & New York’s MoMA. His work on Savage shows a musician in touch with his abilities, perfectly capturing the tension and quiet beauty shown throughout Sam Kelly’s film. 

Liberman’s musical signature is heard throughout this release, original, emotive, authentic & at times mesmerising. Combining traditional production sounds with experimental music, Liberman built a subtle & effective relationship between the audience & the narrative. The result is a piece of work that not only perfectly compliments the film, but is it’s own independent journey. 

Recorded across multiple home & professional studios, the score has been in the works almost as long as the film itself. Already surfacing whilst reading the script, Liberman took a gruelling eight months to get the score in good shape. Working closely with the film’s sound designer Nick Buckton meant the final sound is as closely tied to the final film as possible, while standing on its own merits as a cinematic work. 

Textured, melodic and cinematic, the score features at-times haunting vocals from Warren Maxwell (TrinityRoots, Little Bushman), and an appearance from General Fiyah, who makes his acting debut in the film. 

The film Savage is a labour of love from writer/director Sam Kelly, and follows the making of a gang leader as it examines three periods in his life, over a 30 year span. Liberman’s Soundtrack works in tandem with what is seen on screen, maintaining a personal feel through what is at times a violent and dark watch. 

Serving as his debut feature-film score, Arli Liberman’s work on Savage delivers a compelling listen which helps elevate the emotional journey of the film.

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