The 11th Sky

by Electric Wire Hustle / 2016

Release Notes


"1 of the best R&B albums of '16. Futuristic concept & vibes that hit close to the heart & today's headlines" - Adaoraallure

“A complex sound that lies somewhere between distant melancholy and fiery passion” – Idol Mag

“Music made for headphones” – The Aucklander

In Maori mythology, Tane climbs up to the highest of the 12 heavens, bringing back with him practical and creative knowledge to man. Once Tane has reached The 11th Sky, he hasn’t quite made it to the top, but is reaching for the higher state of being…

Following on from the award winning Love Can Prevail, Electric Wire Hustle present their third album, The 11th Sky, an album reaching for that higher state of being.

Continuing on with the surreal storytelling first seen on the Aeons EP, The 11th Sky shows an act further pushing the boundaries of conventional genres, and their own sound. Electronic beats, smooth vocals, and driving synths are punctuated throughout a release which features Mara TK at his strongest.

Expanding on their psychedelic/soul-sound, the album is best described as “David Lynch meets Motown”. Across nine tracks, the album shows a new evolution to Electric Wire Hustle’s sound, while maintaining the hallmarks which have garnered them critical acclaim and fans across the globe – unique production, and the inimitable voice of Mara TK.

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