The Camels

by Skallander / 2005

Release Notes

As musical ideas shuttled back and forth across a P2P file sharing system, musical duo Skallander slipped between genres to create The Camels album.

Skallander is the earthy name for the collaboration between Matthew Mitchell (ex-Wellington jazz scene, lately Hungarian media mogul) and Bevan Smith (of Aspen, Signer, Marineville fame).

"Soothing and beautiful, with an unnerving ambience that give it an edge, so go soak yourself in it." -NZ Herald

"Touted as the best from the Loop stable, Skallander creates a perfect balance between indie rock and electronic shoe-gazing ambience. The Camels has been on constant rotation on my stereo and it doesn't want to leave any time soon so I guess I'm touting them too. One fine album." - MANUAL

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