Rhian Sheehan

Rhian Sheehan


New Zealand-based composer and producer of cinematic music known for his unique melding of experimental soundscapes with emotive orchestral arrangements and environmental sound recordings.

His upcoming release A Quiet Divide represents Sheehan’s fifth full-length studio album

All four of his previous albums have been critical and commercial successes with his debut album Paradigm Shift and sophomore album, Tiny Blue Biosphere both regarded as landmarks in New Zealand electronica and acclaimed for their visionary blend of cerebral beats with sci-fi storylines.

However, his latter releases - Standing in Silence and Stories From Elsewhere saw Sheehan move into a new and more cinematic direction – with the releases being lauded both in NZ and internationally; as well as being regarded by many as archetypal amongst the ambient post-rock genre.

His incredible live performance is captured in the LP Live At The Wellington Opera House, which features tracks from his 2010 and 2013 immersive aural and visual live performances. Live at The Wellington Opera House is a series of enchanting instrumental works, offering an excursion into a soundscape of tender ethereal textures, brooding big cinematic string arrangements, and playful experimental musicbox lullabies.