Aron Ottignon

Aron Ottignon


Born in New Zealand, Aron had already established himself as one of the Antipodes’ finest jazz pianists by the time he was sixteen. The award-winning musician now resides in Europe performing both in his own right and as a part of collaborations with renowned artists. His technically brilliant yet imaginative approach has drawn attention beyond jazz, catapulting him into the pop and dance world as well as rock spheres. One of his most recent achievements is recording and working together
with Stromae (notably, Papaoutai reached 245 Million views on YouTube). Aron has also been on world tour with Woodkid.

At the same time, Aron is a composer and bandleader in his own right. In 2003, he established explosive quartet Aronas, combining Pacific Islands rhythms with hiphop, classical and punk, to create a unique and unbridled jazz-fusion, releasing his first LP, ‘Culture Tunnels’. “There is nothing small about Aronas,’ wrote Guardian critic Stuart Nicholson. ‘They make big gestures, fat sounds and monster grooves, with a youthful energy that’s yoked to genuine musical ability.’ Mr. Scruff named the lead track on their debut album, Culture Tunnels, his ‘tune of the decade’.

On April 20th 2015, pianist and composer Aron Ottignon self-released his second EP, ‘Starfish’. In collaboration with producer Rodi Kirk aka Scratch 22, they created a unique and compelling fusion of Aron’s virtuosic jazz piano with avant-garde electronic music and sound design. Along the way, these hypnotic compositions introduce percussive influences from Morocco, West Africa, Maloya and the Caribbean.