by Aron Ottignon / 2015

Release Notes

Following his acclaimed ‘Starfish EP’, New Zealand born, Paris-based piano virtuoso Aron Ottignon is back with ‘Waves’ – a new EP once again crafted with Rodi Kirk. Influenced by a trip to Reunion Island and the sounds from there, ‘Waves’ again showcases the virtuoso piano expertise of Aron, along with the second-to-none production of Rodi. Maloya rhythms and beats combining with modern production create a sound that truly is unlike any other.

"’Waves’ was influenced by a trip I made to Reunion Island 5 years ago. Where I heard Maloya musicians & bands like Alain Peters, Daniel Waro, Lindigo. The radio version is more of a half half between electronic & percussion, whereas 'à La Réunion' is bringing in also extra triangle patterns & bass drum fills commonly heard in Maloya music.  These were all played by an experienced Mauritius percussionist called Kersley Sham. Boubacar Dembele from Amadou & Mariam features on the djembe solo. The jazz element of all this is the performance of the piano. Nothing is completely pre-composed. It is an improvisation over a set pattern & rhythm, playing with phrasing & ostinatos.” – Aron Ottignon 

“We wanted to achieve a balance between the acoustic and electronic elements in the productions and retain a human element to all these songs. I feel there is no direct and easy genre categorization for this music, it’s more of a style that comes from the idea that although sound can now be stretched and twisted, sampled and repeated it can still also be vulnerable and imperfect and most importantly, exist just in the moment.

These recordings just happen to capture a brief moment in the life of these songs (hopefully) without affecting the composition’s ability to live and change and breathe with time" – Rodi Kirk

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