Coast is led by the soulful vocalist and chugging guitarist, Jade Pritchard. Joining him is classically trained and jazz-based drummer, Ben Trinick, and naturally talented bass player, Pai, who also provides vocals.

Hailing from Gisborne, Coast initially formed during jam sessions in 2007. When Jade needed a backing band the group made things official with their first gig at Rhythm and Vines 07/08. Coast then moved on to win the 2008 Eastern Bay Battle of the Bands (judged by Kora) and the Auckland Rock to the Top competition in 2009. With these early achievements, Coast moved from the East Coast to Auckland to develop their deep and complex sound.

In May 2010, Coast’s self-titled debut EP Coast was released through Loop. Much like a well-crafted puzzle where each piece snugly fits, Coast intuitively blend a roll call of genres on their EP. From dub to funk, rock psychedelia to reggae/roots, Coast have created a resonance that is both familiar to the kiwi ear and captivating in its passion-infused delivery.

Translated to their live set, Coast is nothing short of epic. With sets that range from acoustic, heartfelt melodies laden with emotive vocal harmonies to complex, dynamic grooves awash with Jade’s driving guitar and vocals, Ben’s hard hitting rhythms and Pai’s muscular bass lines, a powerful and mesmerising show is always guaranteed.