by Coast, Eavesdrop / 2010

Release Notes

Like a well-crafted puzzle where each piece snugly fits, Coast intuitively blend a roll call of genres from dub to funk, rock psychedelia to reggae/roots creating a resonance, that is both familiar to the kiwi ear and captivating in its passion-infused delivery.

First single, ‘Think About You” introduces Coast’s understated mastery. The sincere love song unravels from a restrained acoustic beginning to a smitten chorus awash with melodic guitar and vocal harmonics before finishing with a blended spirited jazz delay.

The rest of the release follows similar surprising patterns baring the acute musicianship and generosity of heart that Coast present to their listeners. With the ebb and flow of guitars laden with reverb, vocals entrenched with emotion and dynamic beats Coast have that special energy - heartfelt, genuine and lively.

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