Following on from the success of The Studio Recordings Part One & Part Two, Fly My Pretties release the latest chapter in the Studio Recordings journey. 

The single ‘Fly My Pretties’ is written by frontman Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds) and harks back to the formation of the collective, first appearing on their iconic album Live At Bats. Recorded at Wellington’s Surgery Studios alongside members of the Fly My Pretties whānau, this release is the first time the song has been captured in the studio, and is produced & mixed by longtime collaborator Dr Lee Prebble.

2023 has seen Fly My Pretties emerge for a special one-off appearance at WOMAD New Zealand, where the track was played live for the first time in over ten years. To celebrate that performance, this studio-recorded version is being released, which captures the energy of a Fly My Pretties live set, and presents a polished version of the song for the first time. 

The release comes as the wheels are put in motion for a new project from Fly My Pretties. Expect more content throughout 2023, as one of New Zealand’s most-loved musical collectives gets set to reinvent itself once again.