We're proud to present the first ever studio recording of one of the most-loved tracks in the Fly My Pretties catalogue, 'All The Goodness'!

Since it's first appearance at Bats Theatre, 'All The Goodness' has been a staple of FMP setlists.

This version features Barnaby Weir leading the charge, and will be featured on The Studio Recordings Part Two, out May 1. The singalong chorus features an epic lineup of stunning voices including A Girl Named Mo, Anna Coddington, Bailey Wiley, Hollie Smith, Lisa Tomlins & Laughton Kora. 

Recorded at Wellington's Surgery Studios, the spritual home of FMP, The Studio Recordings Part Two sees 'All The Goodness' appearing alongside other favourites from the catalogue, including 'Mud & Stardust' & 'The Watchman'

Stream the track above & below, and pre-order The Studio Recordings Part Two HERE

Barnaby Weir: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Anna Coddington: Backing Vocals
Bailey Wiley: Backing Vocals
A Girl Named Mo: Backing Vocals
Hollie Smith: Backing Vocals
Lisa Tomlins: Backing Vocals
Laughton Kora: Backing Vocals
James Coyle: Clavinet & Synth
Mike Fabulous: Bass & Percussion
Jarney Murphy: Drums
Nigel Patterson: Hammond Organ, Piano & Synth
Ryan Prebble: Guitar