The Studio Recordings Part Two

by Fly My Pretties / 2020

Release Notes


Fly My Pretties present The Studio Recordings Part Two. Following on from the release of Part One this past October, Part Two sees an expanding look into their first studio recordings, presenting some of their most-loved tracks in studio for the first time. 

Part Two sees frontman Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds) performing alongside members of the Fly My Pretties whānau such as Anna Coddington, Bailey Wiley, A Girl Named Mo, Eva Prowse, Hollie Smith, Lisa Tomlins, Age Pryor, Iraia Whakamoe (The Nudge), James Coyle (The Nudge), Jarney Murphy (The Black Seeds), Laughton Kora, Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo), Nigel Patterson (The Black Seeds), Ryan Prebble (The Nudge), & others all contributing their talents. 

The second installment of Studio Recordings features not only a number of classic tracks from frontman Barnaby Weir, but also tracks lead by some of the stunning wāhine Fly My Pretties have had the honour of highlighting throughout the years. The album’s unique sound represents the unique nature of Fly My Pretties - travelling effortlessly across soul, blues, folk and dub. 

Recorded at the spiritual home of Fly My Pretties, Wellington’s Surgery Studios, Part Two sees Dr Lee Prebble again at the desk taking the producing reins. 

The Studio Recordings Part Two by Fly My Pretties - Tracklisting
1 Mud & Stardust (written by A Girl Named Mo)
2 Clarity (written by Hollie Smith)
3 Lucky (written by Barnaby Weir)
4 Turn It Around (Barnaby Weir)
5 Heavy Weather (written by Barnaby Weir)
6 All The Goodness (written by Barnaby Weir)
7 Lie In The Land (written by Eva Prowse)
8 The Watchman (written by Barnaby Weir)
9 Hit The Hay (written by Ryan Prebble)

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