Following his acclaimed ‘Starfish EP’, New Zealand born, Paris-based piano virtuoso Aron Ottignon is back with ‘Waves’ – a new EP once again crafted with Rodi Kirk. Influenced by a trip to Reunion Island and the sounds from there, ‘Waves’ again showcases the virtuoso piano expertise of Aron, along with the second-to-none production of Rodi. Maloya rhythms and beats combining with modern production create a sound that truly is unlike any other.

"’Waves’ was influenced by a trip I made to Reunion Island 5 years ago. Where I heard Maloya musicians & bands like Alain Peters, Daniel Waro, Lindigo. The radio version is more of a half half between electronic & percussion, whereas 'à La Réunion' is bringing in also extra triangle patterns & bass drum fills commonly heard in Maloya music. 

These were all played by an experienced Mauritius percussionist called Kersley Sham. Boubacar Dembele from Amadou & Mariam features on the djembe solo. The jazz element of all this is the performance of the piano. Nothing is completely pre-composed. It is an improvisation over a set pattern & rhythm, playing with phrasing & ostinatos.” – Aron Ottignon 

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Available now digitally worldwide through Aron Ottignon (Europe) and Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa (Rest of World)

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