by 50Hz / 2002


Release Notes

While his debut album was strictly a cinematic drum & bass affair, on this album 50Hz (Jeremy Geor) broadened his scope to include elements of dub, downbeat, hip-hop, jazz and funk. An impressive guest list of singers and players enlisted from around Aotearoa helped flesh out a full live sound throughout the album.

Lead single 'Seek Know More' features smooth vocals form the promininent Kiwi singer, Ladi6. Flown to Wellington to sing on a different album track altogether, Ladi's impromptu vocal for 'Seek Know More' fell into place at the last minute and is one of Carbon's highlights. On 'Smooth Rhodes' singer Miss La offers an updated interpretation of the jazz standard 'Detour Ahead', which has in the past been performed by such legendary jazz singers as Billy Holiday and Sarah Vaughan. Another deep jazzy track, 'Infatuation', features vocals by ex-pat British singer Pepsi Demacque, a former full time backing vocalist for Wham and one half of chart topping '80s group Pepsi & Shirley, who now resides in the Wellington suburb of Island Bay.

Other vocalists on Carbon include Loop label mate Barnaby Weir, front man for The Black Seeds, who sings the dubby downbeat cut 'Every 1 Can See'. Conrad Noema, features on the upbeat 'Folly'.

The instrumental tracks on Carbon employ intricate arrangements and expansive live band instrumentation throughout, giving a cohesive feel to this stylistically diverse album. The downbeat dub mash-up 'Versionary Dub' features melodica and horns by brothers Ruia and Ranea Aperahama (who founded Southside Of Bombay), bass by Fat Freddy's Drop guitarist Tehimana Kerr and effects by the legendary DJ Mu (Fat Freddy's Drop). Guest musicians elsewhere on the album include Ebb's Iain Gordon and further playing by Tehimana Kerr and Barnaby Weir, whilst elsewhere Jeremy's own pinpoint programming steps to the fore without ever losing touch of Carbon's lush live feel, be it on fat downbeat grooves like 'Electrohoney' or rolling breakbeat tracks like the blistering film soundtrack funk of 'Soprano' or heavyweight dancefloor feel of 'Longitude Zero'.

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