EP 1 Remixes

by Miloux / 2016

Release Notes

Showcasing the incredible vocal talent that is Miloux in new settings, EP 1 Remixes features five new imaginings of tracks from EP 1. The opening remix, Jono Das’ Stolen Cadillac Remix of ‘Pocket’ comes from Auckland-based producer Jono Das, turning it into his version of a James Bond theme, while maintaining the powerful vocal. "The opening orchestra is somewhat out of this world, gravitating around a classical string backdrop mixed with a jazzy/bass-y electronic groove".  

Palmerston North’s Buska Dimes ups the ante and tempo with his take on ‘Me And Mine’, sitting the vocal alongside frenetic production. ‘These Rules’ has been flipped on his head twice by Katana and SYSYI, both bringing their banging production which has made them two of NZ’s most talented young producers. EP 1 Remixes concludes with a new take on ‘Beaches’ from Suren Unka, the perfect marrying of a restrained yet powerful vocal, with a sparse and confident producer who was “listening to too much Moby” at the time of creation. 

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