EP 1

by Miloux / 2016

Release Notes

The much-anticipated debut sees Miloux’s unique beats-based tracks presented alongside her incredible vocal talent, all of which has been entirely created by Miloux herself. Five tracks running the aural gambit from sparse and lingering to pulsating and infinitely memorable.

Drawing influence from such great electronic artists as Purity Ring, Grimes and James Blake, Miloux has combined those pop elements  with her own ideas, influences and musical experiences – jazz, classical choral music, and 90’s R&B. The result is EP 1.

Opening track ‘Pocket’ signals what is to come – haunting jazz/soul vocals combining with diverse and interesting production, with Miloux handling everything.  Recorded at Red Bull Studio Auckland, EP 1 tells tales of regret at losing time, love, and chances, all through chord/synth-driven ethereal music.

Across five tracks, EP 1 showcases an artist who has spent years in the music scene honing her craft, and created her own sound. EP 1 contains five originals, plus a killer remix of ‘Beaches’ courtesy of one of Auckland’s finest producer duos, Stack & Piece, amping up the intensity while still maintaining the chill factor.

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