Flickering Lights

by Sanoi / 2023

Release Notes


Sanoi is set to kick off the new year with the release of the single ‘Flickering Lights’ accompanied by a remix from German-based producer Fabian Krooss.

The second single from his upcoming new album, ‘Flickering Lights’ is a bouncy, melodic house track purpose built for the dancefloor. Building from his most recent release ‘Zero Gravity’, the single shines a light on Sanoi’s ability to take audience’s on a journey showcasing the talent of one of NZ’s fastest-rising producers. 

The original arrives alongside a remix from Fabian Krooss, a German-based producer and DJ who’s been making waves on dancefloors across Europe and beyond. Krooss brings his lush and springy signature sound to the remix, with a nod to the organic and minimal house genres in one. 

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