Mountain Pass

by Sanoi / 2023

Release Notes


Loop release the fourth single ‘Mountain Pass’ from German-born, now New Zealand-based producer Sanoi. His second album Echoes Of Home will be released 3 November.

As the name suggests, ‘Mountain Pass’ is a cinematic track, evoking an image of traveling through mountainous landscapes. Unmistakably a Sanoi production, the track features his unique approach to crafting a drum groove - the use of subtle layers of found sounds combining with strings and piano to the track an emotional depth while remaining well suited to the dancefloor. 

Once again, this release is accompanied by a remix, this time by well known German producer Gabriel Ananda (Soulful Techno, Basmati). Originally from the same village in Germany, the two producer’s connection goes back 15 years, when a teenage Sanoi approached the well-established Ananda for feedback on the tracks he was making. Gabriale Ananda brings his experience and restraint to the remix, infusing the essence of the original with a deep understanding of modern, organic techno.

Following on from a series of singles which include remixes from Fabian Kroos, micronism and Paige Juliua, the last few years have seen Sanoi release music with Tube & Berger’s Zehn Records, Stil Vor Talent, Magician On Duty, Bar 25 Music, Sounds Of Sirin and Beat & Path. His second album Echoes Of Home will be released through Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa on September 15, with pre-orders to come.

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