He Ōrite (Tiki Taane Remix)

by The Nudge / 2021

Release Notes

Loop are excited to present Tiki Taane’s hard-hitting remix of The Nudge & Troy Kingi’s ‘He Ōrite’. This remix is a deep liquid dubstep take on the te reo Māori psychedelic jam which was released in July this year.

The release of new version arrives as the original waiata ‘He Ōrite’ is nominated for multiple end-of year awards, including the Mana Reo Award at the Aotearoa Music Awards, plus Favourite Single at the inaugural Student Radio Network Awards, with both to be awarded later in December. 

“Tiki is literally a forefather in the Aotearoa DnB and electronic scene, it’s a huge honour to have him remix He Ōrite with all the amazing flare and sublime sonics he is so well regarded and revered for…. He gives 100 percent in all that he does, so I was extremely thankful he found not only the time but the passion to work on He Ōrite and come up with such a unique and heavy hitting remix”, says The Nudge’s Iraia Whakamoe. 

Noting that this remix is a nod to the 4am sound of the iconic Splore Festival, Aotearoa legend Tiki Taane shares:

“I wanted to make something to describe a Multi Dimensional Haka that has emerged from deep within the swamp. Like petrified wood, saturated in mud & weeping lineage with every stomp, this is my offering to the Gods.”

The track arrives alongside stunning remixed artwork from Gina Kiel, Xoë Hall & Miriama Grace-Smith.

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