Layers EP

by Adi Dick / 2013

Release Notes

A Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa & Adi Dick Music digital release.

It's been six years since Adi's debut album "Our Place" was released and this new 5 track EP will not disappoint those who remember his soulful vocals layered over well crafted beats and warm pacific vibes.

Layers is a collection of stories about my life. From the many hours lost in my youth playing video games to exploring a surreal city like Amsterdam, it can often be a blurred line between reality and fantasy.

Insert Coin

A tribute to the many coin operated video games played in my youth, "Insert Coin" is an ode to my favorite levels of my favourite games. From the "why aren't you at school" feeling of old arcades to the "my thumbs ache" nature of playstation, there's nothing better than getting lost in your favorite video game.

The Message

"Tinted window memories of cotton colored melodies. The sugar rush, the smell of trees, just you and me. The lights all shine so bright…" - A mysterious tale of one night in the magical city of Amsterdam. 

Night Bus

My soundtrack to life in London. When the last tube has gone there's only one way to get home - on the Night bus. So many interesting characters and so many stories to be told.


Another tune inspired by life in London. Such a beautiful and ugly city at the same time where anything can happen at any time. There are thousands of people all there to chase their dreams, make a better life for themselves and sometimes just survive. "It's the gravity of the situation, it's pulling you in… It's got you stuck in it's sites and you can't get out…"

Morning Bird

Written when I first moved to London, living in a noisy flat next to the train and tube lines in a row of houses that all looked the same. Although there was so much London had to offer I missed the simple things, like the sound of the Tui that used to sing outside my bedroom window back in NZ. But all that didn't matter.. "coz' I've got you by my side…". 

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