Music for Nature Documentaries

by Rhian Sheehan / 2004

Release Notes

Rhian Sheehan quietly sent out music to producers in New Zealand and overseas, inviting them to remix and even remake some of the incredible tunes from his Tiny Blue Biosphere and Paradigm Shift albums and the result was: Music For Nature Documentaries : Rhian Sheehan Remixed.

"The idea came about after Sam Scott from The Phoenix Foundation asked me if the band could remix my track, 'An Afternoon on the Moon', says Rhian. I was intrigued as to what the outcome might sound like. This "reconstruction" of my work became infectious. I then approached other producers in New Zealand and overseas and the result is an album diverse in approach, yet tangible in vision." - Rhian Sheehan

Music For Nature Documentaries features 16 fresh remixes by Minuit, Gasoline Cowboy, The Phoenix Foundation, Fiord (Antix), epsilon-blue, Jet Jaguar, Age Pryor, Ekto, Agent Alvin, Module, Signer, Interfearence (UK), The Turtle Bay Country Club (Germany) and more.

"These tracks are transformed into mostly funked-up, dancefloor versions that transcend the originals. For someone who has not yet heard Sheehan, this album could be the best introduction to his music" Entertainment


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